September 2017 ยท 1 minute read

Starting Bands by Slow Man Tofu. Produced by Sian Alcorn.

A music video for the improvised guitar jam ‘fragile’. Shot in Halifax, NS.

This music video I created for a small side project called ‘Snakes 4 President’, released December 2016.

Here is a music video I made for Ramblings, from the album Steer, released August 2016. It’s mostly just some random video clips I had on my camera at the time, applied with some tint filters.

For David Blackwood by Slow Man Tofu, performed live at La Passe, Montreal, April 2016.

The following videos were created by the talented Beechwood Productions in the late Fall of 2014. We shot them in a beautiful little setting just north of Kingston, Ontario.